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Pumpkin Spice Latte

Furry, anthros, animals
OCs, fictional characters


[Feel free to ask if not listed]

(old tos still stand but not up to date)
will update soon

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Chamomile Tea

Look below to see the prices and more art examples!

Note: I have recently gotten a tablet so my art style will vary while I get used to it!

Open Tables

Commission Prices
Art Examples

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Choose which type you'd like to order! (per character)
[Note that the prices may change depending on chara/design difficulty]

If there is an option that you'd like but not listed below or would like to ask for an estimate price DM me!

If you do not have a visual image of your character there will be an additional fee for the design

Lil Coffee Beans

Bean Chibi $5 via ko-fi
Buy 3 and get 1 free

Little bean chibis perfect for holding in your hands
Details will be simplified or omitted to fit the style
update: Human beans will now have beady eyes like furry beans!

~♩ ♪ ♩ ♫ ♪~

A cup of tea

Fullbody $50, Waist $35, Headshot $30
Chibi FB $20, Bust/Head $15

There are two types of lineart to choose from
please look at the examples below

Clean pencil lineart
Has a fluffy soft feeling
Certain details may be simplified

Clean lineart
Has a more crisp and clear vibe


Add ons (optional)


None, Simple $5~, Detailed $15~

All options will have colored lineart. (maybe)
[Prices on a sliding scale based on image size etc]

Simple: one layer of shadows/lighting
Detailed: two+ layers of shadows and lighting


None, Simple $5~, Detailed $?

Detailed explanation is helpful! or choose a bg style from the examples below with what you'd like!
[Prices on a sliding scale based on image size and bg details]

None: can be transparent or a single colored background with gradient, shapes etc
Simple: More fancy shapes bg, small/simple scene(ry) etc
Detailed: not now


Props, Items etc

Props, Items etc +$? per
Price differs per item, ask for price!

Private comm +$10
the finished piece will not be uploaded to the public or used as examples

Back. || Examples.

Strawberry Cheesecake

Best way of contact would be through twitter DMs!
Insta DMs works as well.
I do not check my emails at all so only two options :)

If wanting to contact through Discord, DM to one of the accounts below and I'll tell you my tag.

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Inner Garden


This part of our garden hasn't been prepared as of yet.
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